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  • Early Registration Discounts: For a limited time, save big money and earn special benefits by signing up this week!
  • Early Registration Discounts: For a limited time, save big money and earn special benefits by signing up this week!

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Welcome to U.S. Baseball Academy, the largest network of baseball camps. Our 2016 and 2017 programs included 60,000 players and 425 camps across 42 states. Our 2018 schedule is even bigger and better.

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U.S. Baseball Academy IsA National Program
With A Local Touch

U.S. Baseball Academy brings the nation's most popular training program right to your community. We're the country's largest network of baseball camps, serving a quarter million players since 1999.

EXPERIENCEWe have run more than 1,000 camps since 1988. Perfect for beginners and all-stars.

At U.S. Baseball Academy Spring Training, players learn from some of the area’s top high school and/or college coaches. Hitting, fielding/baserunning and catcher sessions are offered through grade 12. Pitching sessions are offered for grades 1 through 10 at high school locations, and through grade 12 for college locations.

This is not a lecture clinic. With a low player-coach ratio, each hitter and pitcher gets individual attention in a small-group atmosphere. And with numerous age-specific sessions, instruction is appopriate for all ability level. Overall, it’s the type of intense, professional instruction that young players don’t normally have access to.

With tuition as low as $139 for the whole four or six-week program, the value is unrivaled. Our Triple Play special gets your choice of three skill sessions (hitting, pitching, catching or fielding/baserunning), for just $317 (save $100) for the whole four or six-week program, 18 instructional sessions in all. You can choose four or six weeks of one skill for just $139, and add a second skill session for just $109 (save $40).

Our Spring Training Program

For four or six weeks, hitters rotate through a series of supervised stations, including batting cages, each designed to teach a different piece of hitting. Players enjoy participating in hitting games and unique drills used by the nation’s top high school and college programs and developed by the U.S. Baseball Academy advisory staff. The program is designed to improve pitch and strike-zone recognition, timing, balance, quickness, power, situational hitting, bunting and other aspects. Young hitters build an invaluable foundation and a thorough understanding of the swing, while experienced players cover advanced topics such as hitting different pitches to different fields, hitting curveballs and changeups, and more.

QUALITYGet a jump on the competition with six weeks of innovative and intense training in a national program.

In our six-week pitching program, pitchers work under the supervision of coaches who can help with all aspects of pitching, from fundamentals and mechanics to more advanced concepts. Drills and repetition will improve a pitcher’s speed and control and allow him to begin the year in mid-season form. Please note that each pitcher must bring his own catcher (parent, sibling, friend), allowing for maximum throwing time and for coaches to work hands-on with each pitcher.

Our fielding and baserunning program will improve the skills of infielders and outfielders of any age. Fielding drills and instruction cover areas such as stance, positioning, footwork, anticipation and reaction, ground balls and fly balls, backhands, double plays, bunt coverage, cutoff-relays, rundowns, bag coverage, communication, and game situations and more. Baserunning instruction includes improving quickness and speed with proper running technique, getting out of the box, leadoffs, stealing, reading the pitcher, rounding bases, sliding, and game situations.

Our catcher’s camp (grades 4-12) covers all aspects of being behind the plate. Players will get instruction on stance, signs, receiving, framing, blocking, throwing, fielding bunts, tags and the mental aspects of dealing with pitchers. Catchers must bring a mask, shin guards and chest protector.

Parents are welcome to observe, and many youth coaches leave with a valuable list of drills they can incorporate into their own practices. The timing of the program is perfect for preparing young players for the season ahead.

So, forget about the weather. What better way to get a jump on the upcoming season than a six-week Spring Training experience, featuring instruction from some of the area’s best coaches in a fantastic indoor facility? Many sessions sell out months before they begin, so don’t delay.

Dates and Times in Your Area
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Get Answers ToCommon Questions

Who does the coaching?

U.S. Baseball Academy hires and trains high school and/or college coaches from your local area. That's the biggest advantage of the program. While most local youth and travel team coaches have some knowledge of baseball, this is a chance for young players to get six weeks of instruction by professionally trained and experienced coaches who do this for a living. We maintain quality control by providing each location with our weekly program and the necessary equipment to run it, and training the staff.

How do we find times and dates? How do we register, and how do we pay?

For a schedule and registration forms for all locations, click here. Simply submit your information online to reserve your spot and mail a check within 14 days.

Where do you hold your camps?

We hold baseball camps and offer baseball lessons all over the country, with a particularly strong presence in the following areas: Los Angeles, California; San Diego, California; San Francisco-Oakland, California; Anchorage, Alaska; Fort Myers, Florida; Sarasota, Florida; Wilmington, Delaware; Chicago, Illinois; Peoria, Illinois; South Bend, Indiana; Bloomington, Indiana; Indianapolis, Indiana; Dubuque, Iowa; Louisville, Kentucky; Owensboro, Kentucky; Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Detroit, Michigan; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Battle Creek, Michigan; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota; Jersey City, New Jersey; Albany, New York; Syracuse, New York; Buffalo, New York; Rochester, New York; Binghamton, New York; Bismarck, North Dakota; Canton, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Findlay, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Youngstown, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Easton, Pennsylvania; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Appleton, Wisconsin; Madison, Wisconsin.

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